About the Blogger

My writing began at a breadbox, Mother's metal breadbox, 1950s vintage, with a pull-down front door. That was where I "mailed"' letters to my pretend husband when I was eight. Years later, I wound up with a real husband, and human-instead-of-doll-children, and now grandchildren whom I love to thoroughly spoil.

Since 1990-ish, I've embraced a vocation within a vocation to live as a "cloistered heart" in the midst of family life. Articles on the Cloistered Heart have been in several publications, and I now blog about this way of life at thecloisteredheart.org.

One thing I particularly love to do is delve into the writings of saints.  I'm especially fond of their letters (which I love for their spontaneity and for the fact that there's a "personal" element to them). It is a blessing to be able to share, here, some of the treasures I've gathered. It is, to me, a new kind of breadbox, offering words of encouragement from those who have known the true Bread of life.

Shall we see what's in the breadbox today?