Monday, January 16, 2012

something fishy

Temptation.  The very word makes me remember that lies are more believable when they're built on a foundation of half-truths.  With this in mind, I'd like to spend a moment with minnows....

It is true that a minnow is a fine meal for a bass.  A tasty gulp of dinner that would satisfy the fish's appetite and nourish and refresh him.  That is the truth.   But some minnows warrant closer inspection. Perhaps a bit of discernment... for as we know, sometimes there's a hook buried deep inside.

Can you imagine the underwater conversations if fish were rational beings able to engage in such chatter?

   "...Look, Oscar!  Dinner!  Last one there is a rotten bass.....!"
   "... I dunno, Gil.  That minnow looks to me like it's swimming a little funny.  See how it's moving just a tiny bit sideways?  I think maybe we'd better watch this one awhile longer.."
   "Nonsense!  Everybody and his Aunt Bessie knows I am THE expert on minnows.  Trust me, this one is the real deal." 
   "Oh, it's real, all right.  I just feel a sense of caution.  I think this bears some watching, that's all.  I know you're hungry and yes, that bit of swimming protein does look mighty tempting.  Just please don't be too hasty.  Remember when Bruce went for that giant minnow and was never heard from again...?",
   "Gosh, I had no idea you were so uptight!  It's just a minnow, for Pete's sake!   And a tasty looking one at that.  Trust, me, it's no big deal.  You stay hungry if you want to.  As for me, here I go...!  Last one there is a rotten ba............."    

"The woman saw that the tree was good for food, pleasing to the eyes...." (Genesis 3:6)

(photo © Nancy Shuman)