Monday, December 30, 2013

Time for Transformation


          'So this year has disappeared into the abyss where all the others have gone.
          How desirable is eternity when we consider these miserable and fleeting changes!
          Let the time pass by as we, little by little, run with it to be transformed
          into the glory of the children of God.'

St. Francis de Sales

Painting of Mary Magdalene, in public domain


  1. I ended up finding a couple of devotional books to Mary…I'll tackle one at a time. Speaking of the New Year, I'm afraid my only spiritual goal I set was a stronger devotion to Mary. Baby steps, right? "Little by little"

    1. I am a BIG believer in baby steps!!! (I think of St. Therese's Little Way).

  2. Nancy,

    Like Patty, I am taking baby steps too, and all I've planned is a stronger devotion to Mary as well! Reconsecration to Jesus through Mary was a big part of last year for me. Have you read Fr Gaitley's book "Consoling the Heart of Jesus"? I received it for Christmas and have only read a few pages so far, but it seems Mary and Divine Mercy are at the core of of this spiritual retreat. Oh Fr Gaitley mentions St Therese too! Definitely a retreat for those who can only take baby steps.

  3. Sue, I have Fr Gaitley's book but haven't truly gotten into it yet. Doesn't it look wonderful?! I am definitely a baby-stepper, and know by now that I will always be that. Which is okay, I know, as long as I KEEP STEPPING!