Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Life in Tune

'Happy are those souls
who have learned not only
to ask all things of God
in the Name of Jesus,
but whose whole life
is in tune,
as a prayer might be,
with that Sacred Name.
On this earth,
their one longing
is to allow Him to dwell in them,
to be identified with Him,
to be absorbed in Him.'

(from Fervorinos From the Lips of the Master, 
compiled by a Religious, Pelligrini, Australia, 1940, p. 177)


Painting:  Degas, l'orchestre


  1. "their one longing/ is to allow Him to dwell in them...". Beautiful. Inspiring. And Ohhhh.....Degas! Thank you once again Nancy for uplifting my day....God Bless...

  2. This is beautiful, Nancy. This makes me think of prepping my heart; getting it tuned up for lent!

    1. Lent! It feels so far away, but of course it isn't. But maybe people who shovel snow in flip-flops are a just bit more aware of its approach ;)....

      Thank you, Patty!

  3. I'm thinking a bit more about tuning now since I just changed the strings on my viola in the last half hour and will have to pick it up to fix the tuning every once in a while today so that the new strings get settled at the right tension. And I have to think, since that's on my mind, that maybe us learning to live a life in tune with God is the same way. That just like I need to make sure that my viola settles right and check its tuning often, we need to "tune" our hearts often. Confession, the Mass, just simple prayers throughout the day.... I wonder if the analogy fails when the viola gets easier to tune? But it still requires little adjustments, and maybe our hearts get easier? I wouldn't know....

    1. Oh, I think the analogy is wonderful, and I think our hearts DO get easier to tune as we live more and more for and with God. Definitely! I think this is beautiful - thank you so much for sharing it!

    2. Now here's another thought: Violas generally sound rather awful right after they get new strings, and then end up sounding better as they adjust and are played and tuned. I think that that also fits in with the analogy....