Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh My Lord, What a Day

                               'Oh my Lord, what a day
                               when I shall have done once and for all with all sins,
                               and shall stand perfect and acceptable in Your sight,
                               able to bear Your presence, nothing shrinking from Your eye,
                               not shrinking from the scrutiny of angels and archangels,
                               when I stand in the midst and they around me.

                               'Oh my God, though I am not fit to see or touch You yet,
                               still I will ever come within Your reach,
                               and desire that which is not yet given me in its fullness.' 

                               Blessed John Henry Newman

                                         Painting:  Thomas Cooper Gotch, The Awakening


  1. Amen. I can't wait for that day, Nancy. I love this painting - you have a knack for finding the best ones!

    1. I found this painting, Mary, by praying... especially after nothing seemed to really "fit." Blogging sure improves my prayer life :)! And that's true.

  2. What a beautiful prayer! I love the image of coming within the Lord's reach...when I can go no further He can still reach me! Grace...all through His grace and forgiveness.
    The painting is gorgeous, Nancy! xx

    1. Thank you, Trish. The prayer strikes me more, the more I read it.

  3. I remember being a girl who NEVER could have understood that passage--because I was not yet worn out by sin, temptation, flaws, the awfulness of this world. Now I am so worn out, and I look forward with delight to that day "when I shall have done once and for all with all sin". In the balance between fear of death and anticipation of that lovely day, I'm a little right of center!