Thursday, May 8, 2014

Forever Spring

'It is always springtime in the heart that loves God.'

St. John Vianney

Painting:  Charles Courtney Curran, Lotus Lilies


  1. What a lovely quote and picture!

  2. That painting makes me think of Reepicheep, Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace travelling into the Utter East in Reep's coracle.

  3. PS I wanted to tell you that the verse you have in your sidebar from 2 Cor 3:2 is one that He gave me too. I love writing letters... and the idea of being one too

    It appears we may be kindred hearts... I see you like Duchess of Bloomsbury Street and others. Me too.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a note. I look forward to getting to know you as we share a bit of our journey together.


    1. Brenda, we must be kindred hearts indeed!!! I rarely meet anyone who has even heard of Duchess of Bloomsbury Street, and it is a book I go back to again and again for relaxation. I just did a post yesterday on the movie 84 Charing Cross Rd. (on my newest blog called It's Only Write). I'm SO glad you stopped by here! Your blog is wonderful.

  4. That is such a beautiful picture...and those words! So true! I always love what you have to share. Happy Mother's day to you!