Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Power of Duty

'Do not fear that the duties imposed upon us by obedience, though numerous and heavy, will distract us from our union with God.  In fact, when they are performed for His glory, they have the power to unite us closely to Him.  How could the very things that join our will to His draw us away from Him?'

St. Francis de Sales

Painting:  William McGregor Paxton, Girl Sweeping, 1912


  1. Beautiful words. Your posts that touch me the most are those from St. Francis de Sales. I love the picture, too. Those "mundane" tasks of a housewife can take on a whole new meaning with words like this.

    1. You can tell I deeply admire St. Francis de Sales, right... :)!? He wrote such practical things for daily life.

  2. Yes! How, indeed? A beautiful reminder from St Francis de Sales!

  3. I love that painting and the sentiment expressed. Do all to the glory of God. That includes sweeping the floor and peeling potatoes.

    Thank you for commenting on my little Lucy post. :-)

  4. What a nice reminder to sanctify each seemingly mundane task!