Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why Shadows

'If God created shadows, it was to better emphasize the light.'

St. Pope John Paul II 

 Painting: Peter Graham, Wandering Shadows


  1. I like this, Nancy, and I also like that, if we're walking in the right direction, we can see glimpses of light through the shadows.

    It's such a beautiful picture, too :-)

    1. Vicky, I love the thought of our being able to see glimpses of light through the shadows. Thank you!

  2. Living on a hilltop..I often watch the cloudy shadows swimming over our town and it always strikes beautiful it looks from above! The inter-play of light and dark reveals things in the landscape..things which are hidden from the eye when there is only light, or only dark covering it.
    And there's always a feeling of triumph and a certain lifting of the spirit when the sun highlights something I've never "seen" before..though I look at the same vista every day.
    A perpetual visual lectio.. right before my eyes!

    1. Trish, your comment is absolute poetry! You are indeed blessed to have such view.

      Perpetual visual lectio! I love it!