Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Very Common Temptation

'We should never 
postpone a good work, 
no matter 
how small it may be, 
with the thought 
of doing something greater. 
It is a very common temptation 
of the enemy to be 
always placing before us
the perfection 
of things to come, 
causing us to 
make little of the present.'

St. Ignatius Loyola 

Painting: Charles Courtney Curran, in US public domain due to age



  1. Wow..."make little of the present." This is such a truth. And how I can overlook the now, the no less than miraculous right before my eyes at any moment. Bending our seeing to the amazing now is ongoing practice is it not? So thankful to come visit your beauty here and be reminded and inspired. The notion of perfection can certainly block the messy unfolding of beauty and our Lord's glory all around us. Thank you for this reminder....

    1. I love how you put this: "bending our seeing to the amazing now."

      And oh, how many presents I've made little use of in my life.

      Thank you, friend.