Monday, June 25, 2012

Life, Sanctified

William Paxton "The Housemaid"  In US public domain
"It all depends on our intention, by which we can sanctify the least little thing!
It can transform the most ordinary acts of life
into divine acts.
A soul that lives united to You, my God, performs nothing but supernatural acts.
The most commonplace actions, instead of separating it from You,
bring it all
the closer to You."
    (St. Elizabeth of the Trinity)


  1. This is a beautiful quote, Nancy. Everything done with love is great in the eyes of God. Doing dishes, working, playing's all beautiful when done in and for Him.

  2. Thank you, Mary! Yes, it IS all beautiful when done in and for Him!

  3. It's true!
    The everyday menial tasks that we do hidden away and without any fanfare, if given over to God, become sacred and sanctify the the common hours of our day.
    Blessings..Trish xx