Thursday, June 14, 2012

Living Solely For...

"I need 
the closest
possible union
with Jesus, 
as if I were
spending my
whole life before 
His tabernacle... 

I must think of myself 
as living solely 
for the Sacred Heart of Jesus." 
                      - Blessed Pope John XXIII


  1. It's so encouraging to read the words of holy servants of God who have gone on before us.
    This Sacred Heart quote of Pope John the 23rd is beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing it, Nancy.
    God bless you..Trish

  2. Thank you, Trish. And I'm so glad to be able to get to your blog today (yesterday I couldn't access it). I'm glad I didn't have to miss out on the wealth that is there today!

  3. Such a fabulous quote! Thank you!

  4. Thank you, Anne - I thought it was wonderful also, and was so glad to have found it.