Tuesday, August 14, 2012

That Fortuitous Ooops

I wanted nothing more than to hide out of sight this morning when I turned on my computer.  I discovered that the link-in I'd ALREADY POSTED did not, in fact, lead to the "rest of my story" on the site I was linking TO.  The rest of my story was not on the other end at all.  However, I know you who checked it out found an exceptional post by a woman with a heart-tugging story to share.  What a relief to know that God uses even such things as date mix-ups to accomplish His purposes!

How did my link get posted before the fact?  Well.... knowing that this day could get hectic fast, I'd gone ahead (grabbing a middle of the night posting opportunity when I saw one) and put a link here to a post THERE that I'd thought would be on today.

Oooops. I went to Suscipio today and didn't find my post.

You know what I found instead?

I found a very real sharing about fear, anger, and autism.  Jen writes poignantly about  "Fear of losing my kids. Fear of not being in control. Fear of autism because I don’t always know what to do because he cannot always communicate what he needs, wants, or how he feels....."

I found Jen's story exceptionally compelling.  And I have to thank our good God.  Today He knew (I really think) that someone(s), somewhere(s), needed to find this excellent and very real post.

If you have ever struggled with anger, or fear, or if you know someone dealing with autism, I recommend that you click this line and head on over to Suscipio. 

You might be grateful for my fortuitous ooops.  

Painting: Cinderella, Prinsep, in US public domain)


  1. Nancy, please accept my apologies for the mix up. Your beautiful post will be up tomorrow bright and early.

    1. Jenny, WHO knows WHO gets WHAT mixed up in such things (my mind is like a sieve!).. and Jen's post on "Fear" truly was a blessing. I would have read it anyway, but it would never have occurred to me to actually link to it if the days hadn't gotten switched. And you just never know who might click in here (maybe looking for a sale on metal breadboxes?...) and then might head over to Jen's post!