Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Curious Case of the Vanishing Sidebar

Solved.  Yesterday's mystery:  solved.  At least that is my hope and verily, my dream.

There are clues I have uncovered regarding the Curious Phenomenon of Disappearing Blog Sections:  a troubling situation that some of us have noticed during the last few days.

In simplified verbiage, it could be stated as follows:

If part of your sidebar has gone missing, you might try moving the "followers gadget" down the page.

I say.

Yet I am perplexed even in the midst of victory.  Questions linger.  What has happened to the followers gadget?  Shall it ever be recovered?  Is Blogger even now working to solve the problem?  

Having investigated several times since beginning this ridiculous informative post, I see that sometimes "your" faces are there, now placed at the very BOTTOM of the sidebar (lest everything below disappear again).

But more often, alas, the gadget vanishes again.  The Blog Ticker (thank you, Catholic Bloggers' Network) is there, and the Followers Gadget occasionally shows up just below it.  But then it vanishes like a vapor.  And I'm left trusting that you are there, even if unseen. 

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  1. Thank you, Colleen. My Google followers ("welcome")gadget still continues to appear and disappear from the bottom of this blog. Sigh.... I wonder if anyone else has any clues ...?