Friday, April 19, 2013

An Unfortunate Truth

'For a small living 
men run a great way;
for eternal life
many will scarcely raise
a single foot from the ground.'

Thomas A' Kempis (from The Imitation of Christ)


  1. Nancy,
    I'm ashamed to say that the Imitation of Christ is sitting on my shelf ( it was my Dad's copy...he was given it by HIS Mom when he left for the war ...WWII in 1941) and yet I have scarcely read it.
    Shame on me...but it may hearten you to know that your post today has inspired me to pick it up...this is such a brilliant post, Nancy....thank you for the truth and the clerverness of the title and the nudge to pick up this classic!
    I hope all is going well for you! I always enjoy your posts and/or learn something from them...but I don't always have the time to comment!
    Thanks for the inspiration, friend!

    Have a lovely Sunday

    1. Thank you, Chris, for such kind, encouraging words. I found this sentence of Thomas A' Kempis particularly striking, and am glad you did as well. Hope you're having a good Sunday also!

  2. Thanks Nancy!
    Nancy, I wonder if you'd consider linking up to my memoir on blog hop?

    Today's link is here:

    and in that post is a link to "details" all abt the memoir hop...but it is widely open to your interpretation!

    Thanks again Nancy and no pressure! The hop linky doesn't expire so no rush doing it today just bc it's still Monday

    1. Thank you, Chris, for such a kind invitation! An actual memoir or family post doesn't appear to be in the works for me this week (although sometimes Our Lord surprises me!), but I am pleased to know I can link if something does become appropriate!

      I have been over to check out the links and they're terrific. Haven't had much time today to leave comments, however :).... but I was there and I read all of the ones linked up so far. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks Nancy!
    "See" you around the blogosphere soon!