Sunday, June 16, 2013

We Wander in a Solitary Way

                                      "To every one of us from time to time
                                      there comes a sense of utter loneliness,
                                     'There is no one who really understands, 
                                      Not one to enter into all I feel:'
                                      Such is the cry of each of us in turn.
                                      We wander in a solitary way,
                                      no matter what or where our lot may be.
                                      Each heart, mysterious even to itself,
                                      must live its inner life in solitude.
                                      ....when we feel this loneliness, it is
                                      the voice of Jesus saying 'Come to Me.'
                                      And every time we are 'not understood,'
                                      it is a call for us to come again.
                                      For Christ alone can satisfy the soul,
                                      and those who walk with Him from day to day
                                      can never have a solitary way."

                               (from Sheltering the Divine Outcast, by a Religious, Peter Reilly Co., Philadelphia, 1931, pp. 43-44)

Painting by Konstantin Yegorovich Makosky, 1839-1915, from Wikimedia Commons, public domain
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  1. Oh yes! I know how that feels, Nancy.

    ....when we feel this loneliness, it is the voice of Jesus saying 'Come to Me.'

    Thank you!

    1. I know how it feels also, and too often forget that God is right with me. Thanks, Sue!

  2. Nancy...

    This is so beautiful and what I needed to hear today. Your posts have been doing that lately!

    I was just discussing this with my spiritual matter what we are suffering, going to someone or several people to lament about it is only detrimental to our spiritual life (with exception of a spouse or priest/director). Because only Jesus knows what we are truly dealing with interiorly whether the suffering be external or interior. He is the only One that can truly yes...we must go to Him. He is calling...

    This seems like a good book.

    1. O yes, I know how detrimental it can be to our spiritual life to lament. It seems to keep our focus on the negative, keeping anger, unforgiveness, and various et ceteras alive and ready to pounce!

      I find this and the other books I've seen by this author to be filled with loving wisdom. The writer, going only by the name "A Religious," wrote a book called "The Living Pyx of Jesus," which seems to be his/her most popular. All of his/her works are presently out of print and very hard to find. An Australian friend gave me a copy of "Living Pyx," which she retrieved from the trash some years ago when a group deemed it irrelevant for today. The other books I quote from by this author are ones another friend found at reasonable prices (amazing), and is kindly loaning to me one or two at a time. Isn't that nice for all of us?!

      Thanks, Theresa.

  3. Yes, so glad your friend is loaning you these books! Would love to read them too! Thank you for another enlightening post. It seems God makes everything into good if we allow Him to, emphasis on "if we allow.". Lovely painting too. What a head piece or hat or crown!!

    1. Isn't that headpiece amazing? I was struck as soon as I saw it. And yes - "if we allow" is key, isn't it?

  4. Selected a painting to go with your passages is like selecting a wine to go with your dinner. Should we call you a Spiritual Sommelier? Beautiful again, Nancy!

    Meditating upon the Gospels, we see that there is no human experience that Our Lord in His humanity cannot identify with--except sin of course.

    1. Finding quotes and paintings to go together is very enjoyable for me. Thanks from a "Spiritual Sommelier!" (I love it!)

  5. Beautiful words and so very true. Only in God is our soul at rest.. He alone understands us. So comforting to know that His Love is always there.

    Exquisite picture as always, oh spiritual sommelier! :)

  6. The headpiece the woman in the painting is wearing reminds me of the crown of Our Lady of LaSalette.

    I like the part about the heart being mysterious even to itself.


    1. I see what you mean about Our Lady of LaSalette! Thanks, Monika.