Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What to Do...

I'm happy to announce that Connie Rossini, blogger at Contemplative Homeschool and administrator of Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network, has a wonderful new e-book ready for downloading - free!

The title?  "Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints that Will Change your Life."

The possibility?  That these five lessons will change your life.

The book is short enough to read in one sitting.  And filled with inspiration to last a lifetime.

"You don't have to be strong to follow this way of trust," writes Connie.  "It is a way for the poor  and weak, a way for the average, a way for sinners, and it is open to all.  Even to you. Your sins don’t surprise or shock God. He knows you better than you know yourself, and He loves you without measure. He can make you a saint, even though you may currently be the worst sinner. Trust Him."

And then, as in all of the chapters, there is practical, solid advice about "What to Do...."

As for me, I'm ready to seriously do the What to Dos.

Click here to begin doing the What to Dos, too.

Painting: Otto Scholderer Lesendes M├Ądchen, in US public domain 

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