Saturday, August 31, 2013

Now the Evening Lights

'Night is falling and day's allotted span draws to a close.  
The daylight that You created for Your pleasure has fully satisfied us;
and yet, of Your own free gift, 
now the evening lights do not fail us.'

St. Hippolytus

Painting: Johan Christian Claussen Dahl


  1. Beautiful! Thank you Nancy.
    I am so blessed to have such knowledgeable Catholic writer friends, such as yourself. Can i admit to not even having heard of St Hippolyta? The only Hippolyta I know is in "A Midsummer Night's Dream!"And boy, do I know that play like the back of my hand, having staged managed when my kids were in an all youth production. Kev was Demetrius and Timmy was Egeus AND Flute. I think his favorite was getting to play Flute's alter ego, Thisbe in the play-within-the-play! Dressing in drag, with heels, long wig and pearls and belting out the melancholy thoughts when he saw that Pyramus was dead. It was actually a scream of a scene! Love that play!
    Anyway, ..I am so surprised to hear of ST. Hippolyta and you've encouraged me to learn more!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. Sorry to report that I'm not in the knowledgeable category on this! I found it in a (trustworthy) batch of saints' quotes and then looked up St. Hippolytus - and there seem to have been two. So I don't know which this was (or were there more...? was it once a common name? ... Jack and Mike and Linda and Hippolytus?)

      So you were a stage manager for A Midsummer Night's Dream! I've read and seen (and enjoyed) the play a few times, but don't remember characters' names. I last saw the play performed some years ago, at a local "Shakespeare in the Park" summer series where the audience brought blankets and chairs and sat out under the stars. Ah, the scent of Deet in the breeze :)! But fun, and it was a good production.

      Thanks, Chris!

  2. Love, love , love the painting! And the passage from St Hippolytus! Gotta love his name! Thank you for this post of beauty. It is so uplifting and nourishing to come to your Breadbox. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...