Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Prayer in Aridity

'Dearest Jesus... I am now incapable
 of praying, of practicing virtue.
The fire of love seems almost extinguished.
Yet you know I long to love You,
to love You ardently and give You
a thousand proofs of tenderness
whilst I have the opportunity...
Give me special grace
not to give way now in these moments of
fatigue, desolation, sadness, and dejection,
nor to slack effort, but to keep close to You
at whatever sacrifice....
Into this darkness that is about me,
let a ray of light from
Your loving Sacred Heart shine....
I long to desire no sensible consolation in loving,
provided You feel my love.
That is enough for me.'
  prayer from THE LIVING PYX OF JESUS, Pelligrini, Australia, 1941, pp. 471-472

Painting:  Marcus Stone, Loves Daydream End
(I originally posted this at 'A Prayer Corner')


  1. So beautiful and so meaningful for me right now. I need to print this up!

    1. Thank you, Monica. It was the perfect prayer for me today, as I again 'went through the motions' and felt more distracted than ever. And then I had a touch of God's truth that pierced right through the dark. maybe I'll be able to write about that here (..tomorrow?). Stay tuned :)!

  2. Beautiful picture and prayer, Nancy. "..provided You feel my love; that is enough for me" Love that last line. I'm definitely staying tuned for the truth that pierced the darkness. xo