Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Fitting Consecration

"Since there is in the Sacred Heart a symbol
and a sensible image
of the infinite love of Jesus Christ
which moves us to love one another, therefore:
it is fitting and proper
that we should consecrate ourselves
to His most Sacred Heart -
an act which is nothing else than an offering 
and a binding of one's self to Jesus Christ, 
seeing that whatever honor, veneration and love
is given to His divine Heart
is really and truly given to Christ Himself"  
Pope Leo XIII


  1. Great quote Nancy! I'd not seen this one before! Bound to Christ! What a blessing!

  2. Nancy, I knew you would find the perfect picture. Love the quote as well. May we all be bound to His Heart!

  3. Love this! Beautiful...Thank you for the links Nancy. The painting is wonderful too.

  4. Thank you, all. I'm glad to have the "binding to Christ" pointed out - I can read a quote and like it, but sometimes miss something really striking in it until someone else highlights it!

  5. Beautiful quote and image.
    Thank you, Nancy.

  6. Nancy,

    Did you crop a larger image? It is such an effective picture, focusing on the hands and heart. I love the colours!

    1. Ah ha - you caught me! Yes, I cropped that public domain image some months ago, for another post, because I wanted that exact focus - the hands calling us to the Heart. Thank you, Sue!