Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Little Sacrifices

'The big sacrifices are -
comparatively speaking - 
easy to make. 
It is the little ones 
that cost us so dear!' 

From In Love With The Divine Outcast, 
compiled by A Religious, 
Pelligrini, Australia, 1934, p. 258.  
A reprint of this book is now available 
for purchase online.  For information contact


Painting: Anker Mädchen Hühner fütternd 1865


  1. Nancy,

    A reprint is now available of your wonderful book? Isn't that wonderful news? Thank you so much for the link.

    1. Yes! Well, of one of them anyway. This author wrote at least 9 volumes, most of them small, but this one is 586 pages long - so even though it's compact, I don't consider it exactly small. The original one rescued from the trash and sent to me by my Australian friend Elly, was The Living Pyx of Jesus - that's the only I have of my own (until this reprint arrives). That one APPEARS to have been the author's most well known title, perhaps. My friend Connie W., (here in the states) is a 'super-duper-tracker-downer' who found a batch of the author's titles, used of course, and has been loaning them to me one at a time. The books are all quite similar to one another. They often use "older" language, but the author obviously was a person of great spiritual depth. Over in the Parlor, there has been discussion lately about the books and the author!