Tuesday, August 19, 2014

All for the Greater Glory of God!

'In all your actions, purify your intention. 
Renew it several times a day. 
Often repeat:  All for the greater glory of God!'

St. Paul of the Cross 

Painting:  P.S. Krøyer, Skagen's Beach, Anna Ancher and Marie Krøyer Walking Together, in US public domain due to age 


  1. Beautiful Nancy!

    LOVE the quote, and of course, the painting is gorgeous. Hope all is well, friend!

  2. I just love the simplicity of these posts.... the few words give them such focus. Wasn't it Mozart who said that it was the pauses between the notes that made the music? And here, the space around the thought gives it room to breathe and blossom. So one's heart really sees and hears.

    You always share such exquisite paintings with these blessed words. A lovely place to pause in a busy day.

    My heart thanks you!


    1. Brenda, I am really struck by the idea that pauses make the music. It's so true with everything - we do indeed need pauses between colors, between notes, between thoughts. Thank your for affirming exactly what I feel drawn to share on this tiny drop of blogging in the big, wide blogoshere!