Saturday, August 9, 2014

These Little Mortifications

'Oh, how I like these little mortifications that are seen by nobody!'

St. John Vianney

Painting:  Winslow Homer, Girl Carrying a Basket, 1882


  1. Thank you so much Nancy for visiting my Blog. Much appreciated.

    God bless you.

  2. Nancy,

    John Vianney is one of our favourite saints. Actually he is Sophie's confirmation saint. Oh how I wish I could whole heartedly echo this quote! I imagine it would be more than a little mortification carrying the basket up and down that rocky cliff. Beautiful painting!

    1. Sue, I cannot echo this quote... but like you, I want to. It is a goal. Actually my goal is to be able to USE the mortifications and offer them up... but to be able to honestly say that I LIKE them? Nope; I am not there.

      I love the quotes of John Vianney that I've been finding... what a treasure!