Monday, April 6, 2015

How Bloggers' Heads Explode

I'm still doing a bit of blogkeeping around here. Changing the header, mostly, which you may have noticed, and maybe noticed again. And, well... possibly again. I don't close the blog while I try different things, lest anyone think this spot on the Internet has left the building.

But I really should get in better shape before I do such heavy lifting. I can't even remember how many different headers have been on here in the last two weeks, and now I think I am definitely might be getting just a teeensy bit compulsive about the whole thing.

There are so many things to consider, after all. Like wondering whether or not Mr. Homer would have approved of my using his painting in this way, even if it IS in public domain. And of course I do have photos lying around, but I would prefer to use a painting because paintings are mostly what are used in the blog itself and it's nice if a header gives some clue as to actual blog content but it would be nice if I could use something I didn't feel I was borrowing from someone else but it's not like I paint although I once did but gosh I haven't done a painting myself since 1824. Give or take a year. 

(is it remotely possible that I'm overthinking this?)

Are you still with me?

You ARE?!?!?!!!  In the face of such heroism, I have nothing left to say. Except thank you, and please stay tuned.

Painting: Pieter de Hooch


  1. from one over thinker to another . . . love your current header.

  2. Thanks for the smile so early in the morning. I am very happy to stay tuned.
    A fellow Over-thinker.

  3. I'm still with you :)
    Wish I had a fraction of your artistic talent and "eye" for beautifying your blog...

  4. Very cute post, Nancy!!

    I did notice the new header/design and I LOVE it! Though I did like it before you changed a bit.

    I hope you and the family had a wonderful Easter my friend! it's always great to visit BBL!!


    1. Thank you, Deborah and Kathleen and Patty and Rebecca and Chris! It's comforting to know you're with me, as I overponder things like whether or not Winslow Homer would WANT his reading woman welcoming people to this little blog. "She" is the header I tried second in this latest batch of attempts, and I tried other things only because she's quite recognizable all on her own. I will admit to loving the way "she" looks with the blog title floating above her head, and nothing else has come close to hitting me the same way. Although I do have one more idea... just one. Thankfully every attempt is saved, so I can pop them in and out. But it will be this one or the one more least, I think so. Not that I'm still overthinking. Of course not!

  5. Your blog is so pretty! I love the current header, very appropriate.

  6. Oh, we know about that mulling and pondering stuff. I love your header and all the beautiful paintings you share here. I wish I was a painter, and though I dabble, it's just not my first love -- like you I prefer the beauties done by others.

    We'll watch with bated breath... and we're in no hurry. Creative artistry must have her space and time for dreamin' !

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Nancy!

    1. Thanks, Brenda.. yep, there must be time and space for dreamin'!

  7. This made me laugh out loud! Too funny. I love the painting header and your spirit of creativity. So easy to "over-think!" Can't wait to see what you do next!!

    1. The way things are going, you may not have to "wait" too long. Or you might pop back in two days and find things exactly the same.

      Or Both. Because while anyone coming across this blog might thing it has stayed the same, probably I will have been trying any number of new things between their visits. Then deciding I didn't like the changes, so I've just put things back as they were/are/have been.

      So, "Both." Definitely Both.