Monday, April 13, 2015

Word Watching

'At times one word is enough to placate an angry person.

'Similarly, one word is enough to dishearten a soul and cause a bitterness which might prove very harmful.'

St. Francis de Sales


  1. Ahhh... the power of words once again. We must be so careful with them!! Interesting painting too. The child making sand molds with the flower pot at the feet of the women in mourning is wonderful.

    1. I loved the painting too ... but I removed it! I'd posted this in such a hurry last night (let that be a lesson to me), that I hadn't realized they were in mourning. Um: "duh." When I came back to look at this, I also saw a typo in the post. I replaced the painting and fixed the typo and decided: no more posting when I'm half asleep! :)

    2. Oh, I liked the mourning element in the painting coupled with the quotation! I didn't even notice the typo! I have had to redo parts of my poems due to my half-sleep and haste!!

    3. I'll have to look back at the mourning painting! :)