Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Sainthood From Trifles

'The holiness of saints does not
depend on anything sensational, 
but on little things
which seem but trifles 
in the eyes of the world.'

Pope St. John XXIII

Painting: Zhuravlev


  1. Hello Nancy,

    Your comment on my post "Through the Window" made me smile. It was so lovely to see you there!

    Thank you,

    1. Hope, you and your blog are so friendly and welcoming - it is lovely to BE there!

  2. How lovely!

    I know very little about John XXIII......I'm appreciating all I learn/hear about him!

    Just stopping by to say HELLO and wish you a happy day Nancy!! Hope all is well with your family and your sweetest, newest addition!


    1. I haven't read much by or about John XXIII, Chris, and am always struck enough by what I run across that I really should treat myself to more of his writings :)!

      The newest addition is now opening his eyes a bit (he was almost 4 weeks early, so has spent his time sleeping and growing), and of COURSE he's super-duper- cuddly :). Thanks so much for visiting today!