Tuesday, December 6, 2016

There's Something in My Shoe

Why, look at this! It's December 6th, and is this a letter from Santa that I see in my blog-shoe?

Dear Boys and Girls,

I have a confession to make. I'm not exactly who you think I am.

Oh, I'm real all right, and I hope my telling you that right off the bat will make you feel better. But I confess that I'm not the precise person, technically, specifically, who, in all honesty, places toys by that pretty tree on Christmas. Your tree looks especially nice this year, by the way, and yes - I can see it. I live where I can see lots of things, someplace much cooler than the North Pole.

I live with God.

I am, you see, a saint. I was a bishop and I lived in the fourth century and I fought heresy. Oh yes, I did. You can go read about that by clicking on this line right here.

People who teach heresy lead God's people away from Him, and that's just not nice. I guess you could say little Arius wound up on my naughty list.

So yes, Virginia, there is a me. And as for you, Harold and Jason and Emma - why, look here! Everybody who's reading this is on the Nice List!
Keep up the good work, boys and girls. Stay in touch with God, and have a HO HO HO Meerrrrrrrrrry Christmas!

Nicholas of Myra, Bishop
(but you can call me Santy as long as you want)  

(This was originally posted on a blog I had several years ago.  Shared here because, well, sometimes we just need a touch of whimsey....)