Monday, April 2, 2012

Stay tuned - I'm just rearranging the furniture

You've noticed.  If you have ever looked at this blog before, or if you happen to have checked in more than once today, how could you help but notice?  The background colors and design keep changing, and changing, and changing again.

"There is nothing wrong with your screen."
"There's no reason to adjust your picture."
We are simply experiencing technical operator difficulties quirkiness.

I think I'm having an attack of spring cleaning, that's all.  I am now going back to "square one" and starting all over, with a new template, which should not affect the blog's content at all.  But I do warn you - those who have become accustomed to a dark background may come back here in a day or so and find that this blog has a whole new look.

I repeat:  there will be no change in content, nor in content to come. And if we all hate any "new look" that comes from my dusting and sweeping and painting, no worries - the look may just change again!

"There is nothing wrong with your set."  Stay tuned - you might see several different "looks" that come and go!  Gosh - you'd hate to miss that.... !