Friday, April 20, 2012

Whose Reign is This?

"France 1897; Dear Brother,

I am not at all worried about the future; I am sure God will do His will, it is the only grace I desire.  One must not be more kingly than the King... Jesus has no need of anyone to do His work." (letter from St. Therese of Lisieux)

These words have stopped me in my tracks. They've caused me to take a look around and wonder.  Yes, I've made a choice to let Jesus take His proper position as Lord and King of my life - that is certain.  But in my minute by minute actions, who's really sitting on the throne?

Exactly who is running this life?

I know what I want my answer to be.  But as I sit planning and fretting and occasionally grumbling, I can feel the velvet seat of Command Central beneath me.  It's a position I inherited by birth, being of the line of Adam and Eve.  But King Jesus has offered a better option.

THIS day, THIS moment, in THIS decision - who is on the throne?