Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yep, Same Blog....

There is nothing wrong with your screen.  If you haven't checked in lately, you missed my "let's try this one out shall we.. and then this.. and maybe a shade of that..?" burst of rearranging.  You are indeed one of the lucky ones, who didn't have to endure a seemingly endless string of experimentations with "wallpapers," colors, samplings of different sidebar pictures, furniture shuffling, painting and re-painting of "walls."

Trust me - some of the efforts were pretty not pretty.   

And guess what?  I think I might be done!  I'm back from a Lenten break that wasn't total (I posted a couple of things here after all, because... well.... they were appropriate...).

So here I am, sitting on the floor with splatters of blog-paint in my hair.   So to speak.  Hope you're okay with the new look, which I'll admit that I was personally in need of.  I'm ready to write and read in dark on light, ready for a "fresh new look." It's Spring, after all.  Time to shake off the dust and air out the rooms.  Oh, and the blog content?  That has stayed the same.

Hope you drop back in on Mondayish or Tuesdayish - promptly - when I'll tell you about a few additions (consider them little Easter surprises) you might want to check out. 

In the meantime, may you have a blessed, joyous celebration of Our Lord's Resurrection!