Sunday, July 1, 2012

Simply This..

"The whole
realm of nature
is his
who has
his Portion." 
             (St. Ambrose)

(public domain photo)


  1. Nancy, I am a blogging dummy. I could not figure out how to email you, and thus I resort to commenting on your post. Which, by the way, has one of the most stunning photos I have ever seen. But I have a request of you, since I have not been able to figure out feeds and such. Would you consider putting one of those little widget thingys on your blog so I could subscribe by email? I would so love to get your posts delivered into my email box; because I tend to be oblivious of anything that doesn't pretty much smack me in the face, and I keep forgetting to search for your blog (I know, I also need to figure out the bookmark thing. I know how to hit the bookmark button, I just don't know where all my bookmarks are hiding.) I would delight in finding an update among all my ads and spam mail. Then I would never miss a post, like "The Gift of Right Now" which I almost did. OK, never mind. I just spotted a link below this comment box. Oddly enough, it says, "Subscribe by email." I'll stop talking now, and go hit the link. Blessings to you and yours, Carolyn

    1. Carolyn, I'm so glad you asked this question, because - you see, I am quite a blogging dummy too. I'm now in my 10th month of blogging and didn't even KNOW that a widget thingy for e-mail was RIGHT THERE in my list of gadgets to add. Until you asked this question, that is. One of my (grown) kids initially set the blogs up for me in September, and I've been learning as I go (it took me 9 months to add followers and comments!).

      Anyway, thanks to you, the follow by e-mail gadget is now on the sidebar, just below the g-mail followers gadget. Maybe I'll go look at what other wonderful gadgets are available to add :)!

      My e-mail address is under "contact me" in the sidebar, and this was written out the way it is to prevent automatic robot spam thingies. So - just substitute @ for (at), and substitute a period for the (dot), and you've got it. I hope you'll give it try, like... now... so I can hear from you :)!

      And by the way, I just clicked on your links and was thrilled to learn that you have blogs (getting set up?). As soon as you begin posting, I will follow WITH GREAT ENTHUSIASM!! You even have a trailer blog :) ... what fun. You are a talented writer, with such a great sense of humor. Oh, and by the way ("Nancy remarks in her post-length comment"), I have thought the St. Ambrose blog followers on the "goggle gadget" are parishioners. But maybe not?? I really enjoy that blog. Anyone else reading this may want to check out the blog called "@ St. Ambrose" to see what I mean.

      Thanks for the comment! I feel as you do about the photo, which I was quite surprised to find in public domain. I decided I could just do a "simple" post. And then made up for it WITH A FIVE PAGE COMMENT......!

  2. This photo is AMAZING!!! Thanks for the tip about your subscribe by email box-I love that option!

    I also want to say how much I enjoyed your post on The Cloistered Heart about Guarding the Foyer. I was especially touched by the final quote by St. Francis de Sales.

    Thank you so much for bringing beauty and goodness into the blogosphere!

    1. Anne,I agree about the photo... can you imagine such a stunning work of art being in public domain?

      Thanks so much for your very kind words. YOU bring much beauty into the blogosphere! Your most recent post on the Sweetest Kiss has touched me deeply.