Monday, July 2, 2012

This Summer Day

This is my first attempt at "blogging inside the lines," (in other words, according to an outline... more or less..).  I'll just be adventurous and see what comes of it!  I am joining up with the ladies at Suscipio today for Catholic Woman's Almanac.  

Here goes... 

Today I am thankful for:
+ “My special window,” beside which I sit to pray and read and blog.  It has a bookshelf right beside it, and at hand are my Bible, concordance, Cathecism of the Catholic Church, Liturgy of the Hours, books of saints, papers, pencils, CDs, folders of writings and newsletters.  I look up from the computer screen onto a blazing hot day.  From my white-curtained window, the afternoon looks absolutely cheerful.  But if one goes out into it?  Not so much.  So very hot.  Thank God for trees in their best summer green.  They soften the piercing sun.
+ Watermelon.  It IS summertime to me. 
+ A wonderful blogger who recently affirmed my 10 months of blogging in a very kind way.  If you're reading this, my friend, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Today I am praying for:
The USA. The world.
+  Our beloved Church.  Priests.  Religious Orders.
+  My family.  My friends, including blog readers.  And this means you.  Yes, you.
+  My friend Brian, who will be having brain surgery in a few days.

Today I am reading:
  Several things at once.  As always.
+ Strange Gods Before Me by Mother Mary Francis PCC.   An older book (1964, I think) that I'd read a number of years ago.  A friend gave it to me recently, and I am enjoying anew Mother's holy wisdom and keen sense of humor.  She often has me laughing aloud. 
+ Adam and Eve After the Pill by Mary Eberstadt

Today I am looking toward: 
+ A fourth of July caring for my youngest grandchild (age two) while her mommy works as a hospital nurse.

Today I am remembering:
+ July fourths when my own grandmother took me to our city's fireworks displays.  Such excitement!
Boom BOOM Boom boom BOOM boom BOOM !

"I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, and I will glorify Your Name forever"  (Psalm 86:12)

(painting of "Watermelon" by Eugenio Lucas)


  1. It's definitely good to be thankful for what we have. I agree, air conditioning is a big, big blessing.

    1. Anita, how nice to see you here! Thanks for saying hello.

  2. Watermelon and air conditioning! Truly blessings of summer, aren't they?

  3. glad you joined in *inside the lines* today Nancy! Great list! Hope you have a blessed 4th!

    1. I'm glad I tried this out too, Theresa. It was fun! Hope you have a good 4th also!

  4. Hi Nancy,
    Watermelon and air conditioning - love 'em :) I'll add your friend to my list of prayer intentions today.

    Enjoy your time with your granddaughter tomorrow. We are taking my daughter to see the fireworks. She loves them!

    1. Hi Nancy, so glad to read your post. The 4th of July holds very special memories for me because I too would spend it with my grandma. You are now creating those memories with your own granddaughter!

    2. Thank you, Mary. And thanks so much for adding Brian to your prayer intentions. He is a dear friend in Australia.. he and his wife once spent a month in my American home, and my husband and I spent some time with them in "Oz." They are like family to us. This situation appears to be quite serious, but Brian says he knows God is with him. I tell you all of this because I know you are an intercessor before God, as are others who might be reading this.

      I love fireworks too, being secretly 10 years old, but haven't seen then in several years. Can I tag along? :)

    3. Thanks, Jenny. You're the only other person I know who remembers fourth of Julys with her grandmother. It is a holiday I have long called "Summer Central"... prime summertime!

  5. Of course you can :) I'm secretly 10 years old too and love watching them!

    Brain surgery is always serious. May the Lord guide the surgeon's hands and bring him safely through the surgery.