Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In Fadeless Splendor

Sometimes when autumn's mellow sunlight spills
On painted pomp of wooded heights the while,
My heart grows homesick for the Eternal Hills
Bathed in the fadeless splendor of His Smile.
                                                    Sister M. Angelita, "Nostalgia"

Walter Moras painting in US public domain 

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  1. Ahhhh...sentiments of my own soul. The Spirit really inspires you to pick just the right saying and photo!

    Pining away...

  2. To anyone who has so generously commented and never found your comments on this blog :)! .. I just lost a comment as I clicked. It seems to have dissolved into thin air.

    Then I checked my spam box (for the first time ever) and there was a different comment, from someone who said your brother had recommended this blog. I clicked the wrong thing, I guess, and lost that one also. I have no idea why that got sorted into spam.

    So - to anyone who wonders where your comments have gone - SO DO I!! :) And I thank you for your kind words!