Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So Many Signs

If there is anyone who is not enlightened by this sublime magnificence of created things,  he is blind.... if there is anyone who, seeing all these works of God, does not praise Him, he is dumb; if there is anyone who, from so many signs, cannot perceive God, that man is foolish.
                                                                                                             St. Bonaventure 
Public domain photo

BY THE WAY:  I have been finding so many good quotes and pictures to "put in the breadbox" that I count it a great  privilege to share them!  Meanwhile, many of my "original" thoughts are being shared over at The Cloistered Heart, where we've been looking at Lectio Divina.  


  1. You have just given me a new fridge quote

  2. Applause to St. Bonaventure (St. Goodluck). If only everyone today would stop and think about this our world would be a much better place.