Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tell the Story, Serious Version

I will admit it.  This is the picture I'd originally felt drawn to post, inviting you to add your own  prayers (personal or quoted), poems, scriptures, stories, etc., in the comments.  I decided to go with something "lighter" as a beginning (see post just below).

But I still feel drawn to use this one as well.

So let's see if the Lord is drawing anyone else in response.....

Painting: Apocalypse, in US public domain


  1. What looks like death and destruction all around is really a new beginning, in Jesus. The New Evangelization. Even the bones can rise.

    Despite all, it is not the end. The sun rises in hope, and He is there.

    1. What great hope! HE is there. Thank God, HE is there.

      Thank you for contributing such hopeful, thoughtful words.