Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Holy Smoke

I know we are all praying for Pope Francis.  
May God be praised and exalted forever!

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  1. I've watched it umpteen times, myself! All I can think of is to pray for Pope Francis!

  2. Love the title of your post. God bless Pope Francis.

  3. I love your holy smoke! I too will never tire of watching this. What a wonderful gift we've been given from a loving God.

  4. Thank you, everyone... I thought I'd responded to your comments already, and obviously hadn't!

    To me, the moment of the white smoke is just... indescribable. The SUSPENSE! The question of 'is it white or not white,' the exaltation when it is... the bells beginning to ring.... and then the edge of the seat wait to see the new Holy Father. I was glad to be able to come to the t.v. during the last 2 'white smoke events.' Holy anticipation!