Friday, March 1, 2013

For the World Today

'O Divine Redeemer… 
May Your Church, one in Your love, 
holy in sharing Your very holiness, 
still be for the world today the vessel of salvation for men,
the center of unity for all hearts, 
inspiring holy resolutions for a general and stirring renewal. 

May her children,
no longer divided and forsaking all unworthiness,
 do her honor always and everywhere, 
so that those who do not yet belong to her
may consider her and find
You, the way, the truth and the life, 
and in You be brought back to
the Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit!'

                                               Pope Paul VI, Insegnamenti


Painting: Carl Friedrich Lessing, Forest Chapel 

There is still time to adopt-a-cardinal to pray for as the conclave gets underway!  Click here for details.

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  1. I join you in praying this beautiful prayer, Nancy!

  2. This is very beautiful. I join you both.

  3. Nancy
    Just a real quickie email to let you know as a courtesy that I ref you/your blog along with a few other blogging friends in my Memoir Monday, which will be up later tonight:

    It's not up but I pub quickly to grab the URL

    Thanks so much Nancy.
    Gotta run, "see" you soon.

  4. Chris, I will be checking, back in for that! All of you who know how to grab URLs, etc., amaze me. Only by a miracle of God have I been able to learn, a bit at a time, to navigate my way through blogging. And I am utterly serious. I barely did e-mail before a year and a half ago.

    1. Well, you;re doing great...!
      I only know how to do certain things b/c my son is very tech-ie...I have no idea how he learned b/c he's always been HSed. It's not like he's been around tech/comp teachers to ask.But he just jumps in and starts hitting buttons to figure thins out and doesn't worry abt what happens! All our kids seem to be so adept at computers..... !
      Love today's post as well. Thank you for sharing that.

      BTW, are you on FB or twitter/pinterest? I did not see you there. if so, I'll friend you...If not, I can stay on top of your posts thru subscription to my reader.

      Have a great day, Nancy and feel free to join us at Memoir Monday if you have the time or inclination one of these days:)

    2. Your son and I have something in common: I, too, just jump in and start hitting buttons to figure things out! I'm told it's the "intuitive way" ...:). And actually, that's exactly what I've done with Pinterest, which I began recently and haven't figured out much about at all. I already know I'll have to be VERY careful that it doesn't chew up chunks of time, because I LOVE "pretties" and LOVE design... and love that it takes "pretties" and designs them for me! Which is all to say that yes, I AM at

      My actual name was already taken at Pinterest; there seem to be a number of Nancy Shumans around the web!

      I don't do Facebook or Twitter, however.

      I'd love to do a Memoir Monday when I can, and thank you for the invite!