Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Family Says So Long

photo from Beautiful Whispers of Catholicism

It is a somber day for me:  I'll admit it.  As I write this, I realize that (if I have the time difference straight) Pope Benedict XVI no longer sits in the Chair of Peter.  

I've wanted to write something all day.  And when I finally was able to check out some of my favorite bloggers, I realized they have said what I cannot... each in a slightly different way.   I feel like I am gathering together with members of my family as I read their words.  Therefore, I put a few links here.  I have found comfort and encouragment in these today.  I hope you will as well.   

Beautiful Whispers of Catholicism  (and I hope you don't mind my "borrowing" the photo!)

Thoughts on Grace 

Praying For Grace

Truth Himself

Inadequate Disciple

Totus Tuus Family

Campfires and Cleats ...        

..... where our friend Chris seems to have had the same inspiration as my own today:  to share links to others saying so long to our papa.  I call your attention to hers in particular.  Especially as it includes an informative, original and entertaining video from Busted Halo... only 3 minutes long, but filled with information about how a new pope is chosen.  Perfect for young viewers!  (and we who are not so young can learn a few things about the process as well).

The posts listed above express much of the affection and sense of loss of a papa that I, myself, am feeling.   In addition to these, I include the following from "news" sites and blogs.

Rome Reports

Pope's Final Farewell (Zenit) 


May God bless the man who has led us so wisely for eight years, and draw him ever more deeply into the Sacred Heart of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

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  1. Nancy-
    Just read your com on my blog---kids are sick and all I'm doing is running from bedrooms to washing machine ( ! ) But things are calm now and I'm taking a quickie break to check in with my friends in the blogosphere....Thank you for linking to me...I will edit my post from today to inc your post as well so readers ( who did not come from your blog) can click over to your informative post
    Thanks so much...I LOVE your picture too!
    Take care, Nancy...


    1. Oh my goodness, Chris, I hope everyone will be well soon! Thanks so much for including this link in your post. I am so struck today by the blessings of the Catholic blogosphere. We ARE family, and today it is so apparent.

    2. I absolutely agree---it;s been a blessing to rely on my virtual family through this time....
      And yes, they're getting older son is serving/cleaning up at our parish soup supper with the Youth Group after the Stations of the Cross tonight and he'll be so disappointed if he's not 100% today...they're all still ( !! ) asleep.... so quiet and calm....!
      Hava a great day;)

  2. Nancy, my heart is with you. I cried all morning watching all of the events on EWTN which brought us the closing of our beloved Benedict's papacy. How good it was to see all the love still being showered upon him by the crowds! This quiet, gentle man is deeply loved. I worried at first, when he had to follow our popular and charismatic Blessed John Paul. But God is good! Yet, it is just so hard to say good-bye. I felt so safe with Papa Benedict, and change is often hard. But, we do know that "God owns the boat."

    Will include you in my prayers on this difficult day...Hugs to you!

    1. I love it: "God owns the boat" !!! What a wonderful way to remember that He is in control!

      Hugs to you, too, Patricia.

  3. Thank you for the reflection, Nancy, of how blessed we are in these moments to realize that we are family, we are part of this mystical body of Christ and the faith, love, and tenderness we feel testify to that unseen reality.

    1. I have felt SUCH a sense of our family connection today. You put it so perfectly: the faith, love and tenderness we feel testify to that unseen reality. Beautiful.

  4. Nancy, I couldn't even write about it today so you're one step ahead of me.

    1. ..and now I am spending the evening wasting time; I think to give my "numbing brain" something to do. I wonder: if I feel "numbed" (the only word I can think of to use for it), how must Pope Benedict be feeling?!!