Monday, February 25, 2013

My Only Hope

O Lord, my God, my only hope,
hear me,
lest through weariness
I should not wish to seek You... 

Give me the strength to seek, 
You who have caused me to find You,
and have given me the hope 
of finding You more and more.
St. Augustine

Painting in the Manner of Jean Baptiste Santerre; in US public domain


  1. Such a beautiful prayer, Nancy. I am working on a post about the importance of hope in a sinful age. This virtue is of utmost importance these days and it is a pleasure to hear these words of wisdom from so great a saint.

    How many souls are asleep today?

    May we not grow weary and seek His Face always.

    1. Mary, I have a feeling that many of us are snoozing, as if benumbed by some sort of haze. It's tough not to grow weary, isn't it? I look forward eagerly to your post. Thank you.

  2. Such beautiful words from St. Augustine. It is so easy to get snoozey, isn't it? Or at least 'benumbed' ~ what an apt description! There are days that I am connected from the moment my feet hit the floor. Other days, not so very much. Prayers such as this are gentle reminders to carry with us, I think.

    1. My experience exactly, Paula: some days I wake up "plugged in" :) and others, well.....

      Thank you!

  3. Absolutely lovely Nancy and so what I needed this AM!
    Thank you, friend:)