Monday, February 25, 2013

Now I'll Ask YOU

I have been thinking, since doing the Liebster post, about questions.  I kinda like lists of questions for which I didn't have to study to come up with the answers... I just know them.

So I'm deciding.  Just this moment, I'm deciding.

For EVERYBODY reading this... yes, this means you...  I have a list of questions.  Anybody care to answer a few?

If you don't like to comment or don't know how to do so (I realize captchas can be confusing, annoying, and HARD TO READ), you can e-mail me at my address on the sidebar and I can put your answer on for you as an "anonymous" (if you give me your name I'll use it, or you can just remain anonymous if you wish).

So - here are a few questions.  For YOU .. as many or as few as you care to consider.  And oh yeah, I'm going to answer them myself.  (What?  You didn't think I was going to join in the conversation?).  But I'll put mine in the comments, along with yours. 

1.  What is your favorite Scripture?
2.  If you could take a class in anything today, what would that be?
3.  What is/are your favorite place(s) you've ever been? 
5.  Anything (even trivial) about yourself you'd like to share with us?

See you back here in a bit?

Painting:  Joseph Kleitsch, Madonna of the Apples, 1927, in US public domain

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  1. 1. My favorite Scripture- that's a hard one, but one of my favorite is Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles on that first Holy Thursday.

    2. If I could take a class in anything ~ making pastry. Unfortunately I would probably eat what I learn to make so maybe not a good idea :)

    3. My favorite place of the places I have been to is Hawaii- Maui, to be specific.

    4. Trivia about me- Holy Thursday Mass is my favorite of the entire Liturgical Year.

    Thanks Nancy, this was fun. Looking forward to reading your answers.

    1. I loved reading your answers, and got a fun chuckle out of reading about you eating your pastry. Tell you what... why don't I go with you and volunteer to be your taste tester? (just think - I could be your built-in excuse for assignments turned in late!! "uuuumm...the blogger ate my homework...")

      Thank you!

  2. 1. Favorite scripture is tough to narrow down, huh? But Philippians 3:8... "I have come to rate all as loss in the light of the surpassing knowledge of my Lord, Jesus Christ..." pretty much sums up things for me. Also Acts 20:24. And the Gospel of John. And...... :)

    2. I'd love to study Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

    3. My favorite places I've been to is/are a tie. Cape Naturaliste, Western Australia (3 hours south of Perth) is glorious. We were staying in the home of friends, so just spent time doing "ordinary" things.. which to Americans were exotic with kookaburras as our alarm clocks and the incredibly clear waters of the Indian Ocean as our "wall."

    But I also remain in love with the Berkshires of western Massachusetts (where I've stayed in the homes of friends on a number of occasions), with its glorious scenery and quaint charm ... and (especially) the Shrine of the Divine Mercy and my friends the Sisters of the Visitation not far from the Shrine.

    And wow - I can sure get going answering my own questions, can't I?!?

  3. Hi Nancy!

    1. Col 1:13 He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son He loves.
    2. Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Camp, where you go to spend days with fellow knitters and learn new techniques.
    3. I love the mountains. It's so peaceful. I can just sit and stare at the trees and the sky all day.
    4. I love chocolate, cats, reading, knitting and tea.


    1. Thank you, Susan, for joining the conversation! I loved reading your answers. I thank God with you for Col. 1:13.

      I am a rotten knitter, or was when I tried it years ago I'm one of those who knits first too tightly, then too loosely. I can still see the mess of a sweater I tried for months to make... beautiful royal blue yarn. I sensibly gave the yarn to someone who made something lovely from it.

      And I love the mountains also... I can sit and stare at trees the same way I stare into the sea. Ahhh.....

  4. 1. That's a hard one. I like the Psalms, Song of Songs, and, really a lot. I have far too many favorites to choose just one.
    2. Well, since I'm a college student, that's an odd question to answer. But I'd love to study theology at a Catholic school (I go to a Protestant school, so I don't want to study any such thing here), Greek, Latin, maybe something else I don't know about....
    3. Mountains. And woods. And the tops of trees. And sail boats.
    4. A random fact off the top of my head: I like to do embroidery and other sewing, and I just sewed up a whole in the coat of one of the girls right down the hall in my dorm.

    1. How could I "forget" how much I love the Song of Songs?!? And I love mountains and woods also.. o yes! Never sailed in my life, but the idea really captures my imagination.

      Thank you! A few of the coats around here would sure benefit from having you as a neighbor...

  5. 1. I don't know about a favorite but this one has always taken my breath away: "My beloved is mine and I am his, he pastures his flock among the lilies.
    Until the day breathes and the shadows flee, turn, my beloved, be like a gazelle, or a young stag upon rugged mountains."
    2. I would take a class in Japanese because I know some but it's hard to get past the intermediate level in least for me.
    3. I haven't been to that many places. I liked the weather in San Diego a lot. I liked Nags Head beach. I liked St. Patricks Cathedral and Notre Dame in Canada.
    5. My lent buddy is St. Catherine del Ricci. She's cool.

    1. Rebecca, I just wrote you a reply and the screen LOST IT! (which I'm sure is "operator trouble" :)). Thanks so much for sharing. I am intrigued that you know some Japanese! And I can't recall anything about St. Catherine del Ricci, so I'm glad you mentioned her. When I finish this screen, I am going to look her up!

      Have a blessed Lent.

  6. Oh, this is fun! And congratulations on your Liebster Award :) I enjoyed reading your answers!

    And here we go:
    1. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13) This verse has carried me through many challenging times, family health issues, finishing my degree at 48 (yay, me!) and it always brings my heard and mind back to where they need to be when I wander.
    2. I just started knitting classes but if I had the opportunity to take more of anything else it would be painting. I've been fortunate in the past to be able take courses at RISD and it's simply.amazing.
    3. Belfast, Maine....and I really, really want to return. :)
    4. My two sisters and I have started a three year savings initiative to travel to England (or Ireland...or maybe both!) But mums the one knows about this! ;)

    1. Yay you, indeed!!! :) And yes, what a powerful scripture.

      Belfast, Maine.. I love that whole area. Have friends who built a (summer) house on the coast in downeast Maine. And I won't say a word about your savings initiative... but how exciting!! (shhhh...)

  7. Okay, why not? 1. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
    2. Definitely would take photography lighting classes.
    3. My absolute favorite place on earth (so far) is the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL it is like heaven on earth.
    4. I think the new Hobbit Lego set my kids got is adorable. It is cute enough to use as a room decoration. Random, I know.

    1. Thanks, Laura, for joining in :)! Can I come along for the lighting classes? By saying this, you actually made me remember what I like most about photography (lighting), and for the first time in awhile, I have a desire to get back into this former hobby of mine. So thank you!

      I'd love to go someday to the Shrine in Hanceville. Sounds like you feel about it something like I feel about the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachsetts. I melt when I walk in the doors.

  8. 1) Ps 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.
    2) Study scripture with Scott Hahn
    3) Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park, WA; Whidbey Island, WA; St. George Island FL
    4) I just built a snowman taller and heavier than my husband with my kids tonight. Hope it snows all night and we have a snow day tomorrow

    Thanks for asking, Nancy!

    1. And thanks for answering, Colleen :)! Ah, what a perfect scripture to KEEP IN ONE'S HEART AT ALL TIMES.

      I'd like to come with you for the scripture study! And wow... that must be quite a snowman... what fun.

  9. Oh no! My comment was lost when I came to publish it. I will have to return and try again. Off to get the washing off the line. See you later, Nancy!

    1. Oh no! (is there an echo in here?). I'm even more unhappy than you about it - at least you KNEW what you had to say!

      I will look forward EAGERLY to hearing from you...

    2. Nancy,

      I am back! Now what did I say last time? I think I said my mind goes blank when I see lists of questions. I didn't expect my comment to go blank too! Can I think of some more answers? Here goes...

      1. The most quoted verse from the Bible in our house is that one about the first will be last, and the last will be first. (I am no good at memorising scripture word for word.) That's a really useful verse for family life! I also like the psalms. I love hearing a familiar one. It feels like I am greeting an old friend.

      2. I would like to learn how to draw. Also, I was thinking how nice it would be to learn Danish. I have a Danish blogging friend. She translates all her posts into English so I can read them. I'd love to be able to write something in Danish for my friend in appreciation for her consideration towards me. It would be good to read her posts in their original language too.

      3. I love the beach in cool weather. I especially like to watch my girls playing at the beach because it is such a novelty for them. They really enjoy making sandcastles and playing in the waves, but we rarely go to the coast. A place I enjoy even more than the beach is my bed. You will think I am very lazy! I love climbing into bed at the end of a long day, knowing I can close my eyes and sleep in safety. I am so aware not everyone has a safe and warm place to lay their head every night.

      4. A trivial fact? How about this one... although I am only a little over 5ft in height, I never wear high heels. I like my feet to feel comfortable all the time.

      Thank you for the invitation to answer your questions. I enjoyed it!
      God bless!

    3. I'm so glad to find you here this morning, Sue. Maybe one day you WILL learn to draw! I know a lady who did exactly that when she was older and had some "time," and she took a class and astounded everybody (including herself) with her natural talent.

      I have not worn high heels in many years. I don't think I could even stand in them anymore. My husband once said I walked like a "drunk basset hound..." Hmm... could THAT be why I've never been a runway model?!?!? I knew there was SOME explanation.

    4. The screen was acting "weird" for me, too, so I posted the above before saying I think it's so wonderful that your Danish friend translates her posts for you. That is remarkable and beautiful.

      Just think: in Heaven, everyone speaks the same language. Now that is a good thought!

      Thank you, Sue!

  10. I've been away from my computer on a family vacation--so I'm a little late to this party!

    My favorite scripture: toss up between Psalm 91, and the Road to Emmaus!

    I would love to take a class in: Cosmetology--you know, hair styling, etc.

    The place I love and miss, the only place I've ever thought "Do I have to leave?" is the area of California near Thomas Aquinas College. I didn't see much of the rest of California, but I just loved it thereabouts--there's something different about the air in California.

    Totally random fact: I'm pulling up all the carpeting in our house this spring. There's beautiful hardwood under there, and the carpeting is old and ugly!

    1. I'm so glad you joined in, Jamie, and I hope your vacation was wonderful!

      I've only been in the LA area of California, but I'd love to see more of the Pacific coastline.

      Wow... a commitment to pull up carpeting! I've thought of taking up ours, because underneath a lot of it there is hardwood. The hardwood is scratched and child-wrecked (as I recall), but at this point anything is better than the (I won't mention a number, it's much too embarrassing) year old carpet. And I have a feeling the old hardwood would look pretty good if it were refinished.... hmmm....