Monday, February 11, 2013

Pray, Pray, Pray

'On this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.'  Matthew 16:18

You will, by now, have seen or heard our Holy Father's most recent announcement.  If not, click this line to view.  

I will be honest:  my human heart is heavy.  Very heavy.  However, I know for certain that our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI is shepherding us even as he makes this decision.

For this next Conclave, we have a unique window of opportunity.  We have extra time to pray, pray, pray.  I know (yes, I know) that this is exactly what each and every one of us is being called to do.  

My prayer today is not a quote from someone else.  Whatever it turns out to be, it will come from my own heart.

O Lord, we ask Your blessings upon Your servant Pope Benedict XVI.  May You continue to pour Your love out upon him.  Thank You for the wisdom You have given him, thus guiding Your Church through these times.  I look around, Lord, and find the waters of confusion and sin in this world growing ever more turbulent.  You have assured us that the Barque of Your holy Church is under Your particular protection, regardless of the waters in which we might sail.  We pray that You will give us a holy, wise, saintly man to steer us through the next part of Your Church's journey.  You know who this man shall be; You have always known.  We pray for profound graces upon our next pope, for gifts of wisdom and discernment and holy leadership.  Please remind each of us to join in prayer for the Conclave upcoming.  May Your will reign.  May You be glorified.  Jesus, we trust in You.  Amen.