Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Looking for Something Good to Read?

Look no further!  To find a varied assortment of inspirational blog posts, we can click this line and hop over to Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network.  There, we'll find links to the twenty nominations for the first-ever Frankie Award.  "Frankie" refers, appropriately enough, to St. Francis de Sales - patron of Catholic writers.

We can even vote if we wish.  And there's an entry from right here on The Breadbox Letters... one entitled "Go Through the Motions."

Oh, but there is such marvelous variety among the entries!  I would suggest a few for your edification, but that would amount, pretty much, to suggesting all twenty. 

I'm sure St. Francis de Sales is praying for this adventure!

"Let us always belong to God, unreservedly and without interruption.  May He ever live and reign in our hearts.  Amen."  (St. Francis de Sales)

Painting attributed to Jacques Bizet


  1. Nancy,

    The Frankie awards.... what a wonderful idea! Congratulations on your nomination. I remember your post. Yes, it's a good one! Well, all your posts are good so I wonder how someone decided on just one. Thank you for the link. I shall enjoy the posts.

    1. I have been enjoying them too, Sue! I've read most of them by now, and am "meeting" a few bloggers I hadn't come across yet. Fun! Thanks....