Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just One of Your Words

'O Lord, all my greatness is in listening to You: hearing You in the external word of Your law, and hearing You in the interior inspiration of Your Spirit, in the multi-faceted ways by which Your Providence speaks....

'It is more precious and more important to hear just one of your words, and to establish with You a current of interior attraction, than the many things that my love would like to offer You.'

G. Canovai, 'Suscipe Domine'

Painting:  Edmund Tarbell


  1. Nancy, how do you find all the great artwork that you post? I don't think I've ever seen an image on this blog that I don't LOVE. Each and every one is so beautiful and goes so well with its coordinating quote!

    I've often wondered what in the world my blog is supposed to be--it's such a mish-mash, kind of all over the place. So I love this simple yet extraordinary concept you came up with for this blog. I can stop by here, and it only takes a minute, but I come away all inspired.

    1. Wikimedia Commons, almost always (there are a few exceptions, but I check to be sure what I'm using is in public domain). I find artwork that is so wonderful that I'm always asking 'can I really use THAT!?!' This particular painting really strikes me... it's my new best-favorite-forever... and I would even like to find a nice print of it. Just so I could sit and stare at it!

      This blog started out with no idea where it was going, but once I found I could use public domain images, I started having so much fun with them that I felt like the kid in the proverbial candy shop. So now that has become the bulk of the blog, and I truly do love putting it together. I like sharing just a bit of inspiration along with a touch of beauty.

      THANK YOU for your affirmation, which helps me keep going with it!

  2. "a current of interior attraction.." Yes!
    This quote is wonderful, Nancy. And the painting is exquisite!
    I just love the light on the woman's face....

    1. Thank you, Trish. I think this is one painting of which I like every tiny detail. The windowlight falling onto the table, the gorgeous lamp (love that lampshade), the gleam of gold on the books, the flowers.......