Friday, April 11, 2014

When Your Light is Scorned

'O Jesus, You are the light 
for those who open their eyes to see You;
but for those who shut their eyes,
You are a stumbling block 
against which they break themselves....

'You would have enlightened them 
with Your truth if they had humbly
asked You, but in their pride 
they did not welcome Your light... 

'When Your light is scorned, 
we no longer heed it; 
a dense fog covers it, and our passions 
completely hide it from our eyes.' 

Jacques Bossuet


  1. And today His light is scorned like never before. It's sad. (Love the artwork you chose for this quote! Perfect!)

    1. Yes, it is sad, Mary. I think we will see only how sad, in eternity.


  2. Poor agonising it must be to watch the ones you love so much, turn their back on you and choose to wander off into the darkness of their own way.
    Christ as a Light, illumine and guide me...!