Thursday, December 4, 2014

Advent's Intention

'Advent is concerned with 
that very connection 
between memory and hope 
which is so necessary to man. 
Advent's intention is to awaken 
the most profound and emotional 
memory within us; namely, 
the memory of the God Who became a child. 
This is a healing memory; 
it brings hope.... 
It is the beautiful task of Advent 
to awaken in all of us 
memories of goodness 
and thus to open doors of hope.'

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Painting: Carl Ernst von Stetten


  1. This is beautiful. This time of year is thick with memories . . . may they soften our hearts to prepare us for His birth.

    1. Deborah, how beautifully put. I say amen to your prayer.

  2. This is so tender and warming and powerful. To awaken memories of good so to open doors of hope. Ah...and don't we all need hope....These posts of yours are helping me to center on
    Advent more and more; turning inward to the still, quiet and softly-lit place of prayer. So grateful....