Monday, December 8, 2014

In This Time of Preparation

'Silence is so lacking 
in this world 
which is often too noisy, 
which is not favorable 
to recollection and listening 
to the voice of God.  
In this time 
of preparation for Christmas, 
let us cultivate 
interior recollection, 
so as to receive and keep 
Jesus in our lives.'

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


Painting: Samuel Halpert, Through the Window


  1. What an interesting painting. I needed this reminder to listen and recollect and center. Thank you for your inspiring and encouraging posts!! So grateful for you and your sites. Blessed Advent to you Nancy....

    1. Thanks so much. I, too, find that painting interesting. I have a real fondness for paintings of windows, and wish I could post some of my favorites, which I can't because they're not in public domain. I have a small framed print of a woman sitting writing by a window, through which we can see a night street across which we can see another building and into another window. That sits on my table in front of a... window!

  2. Even when I am surrounded by silence, which is often, the interior noise of my thoughts can be way too loud. Thank you for this reminder.

    1. Deborah, you just said something very important, I think. At least it is for me, because I must have one of the noisiest minds on the planet. Sometimes cultivating interior recollection, for me, is accomplished better by surrounding myself with holy quotes and images (gee, can you tell.. ?!?) than with total "quiet." So - thank you!