Monday, December 29, 2014

Let Yourself be Led

'Let yourself be led 
by God's hand 
without looking too much 
where He is leading you, 
provided that you remain 
quite submissive and 
in His hands.'

Dom Marmion

Painting: Alessandro Turch, 
detail of Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery


  1. Such a valuable lesson to learn...this complete confidence and trust in God and the various pathways He leads us on. Sometimes, it takes nearly a whole life of living to come to that point of total surrender...but with each faltering step we "arrive"...and often are surprised to find our destination is where we've "always been". God and the soul in a circle-dance of leading and following...until the sweet and full "arrival" in the Divine Will.

    1. I have long thought of God leading us in a "dance," Trish, and how beautifully you articulated it!