Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wake Up the Universe!

'The whole world is asleep, and God, so full of goodness, 
so great, so worthy of all praise - no one is thinking of Him! 
See, nature praises Him, 
and man ... who ought to praise Him, sleeps!  
Let us go and wake up the universe... and sing His praises.'

Blessed Mariam Baourdy

Painting: Farquharson Joseph, Southland Hills, in US public domain due to age


  1. I do not live where there is but a couple of inches a snow maybe every two years, but I think this is such a beautiful image.

    1. I love pictures of snow because I've never slipped and fallen in a painting yet. Or had a painted icy branch fall on my very real house :)! Thanks, Patty.

  2. What a beautiful painting. A lovely reminder. I do wake up and think of Him in the night... often.

    It's always a joy to visit....

  3. Love your comment "I've never slipped and fallen in a painting yet..." So true. I love the snow and images of snow but this beauty comes with a price in our lives. And I need to wake up this time of year as I have strong inclinations to hibernate!! Enjoy waking up the universe!!

    1. Yes, the beauty of snow does come at a price. If I were IN this painting, I'd be sliding down one of those hills, flailing my arms like a cartoon character. As it is, I tend to hibernate also :).