Sunday, February 15, 2015

Would You Like to be a Mere Sketch?

'You complain because the same trials 
are constantly returning. 
But look here, what have you to fear? 
Are you afraid of the Divine Craftsman 
Who wants to perfect 
His masterpiece in this way? 
Would you like to come from the hands 
of such a magnificent Artist 
as a mere sketch and no more?'

St. Padre Pio


  1. Isn't it difficult and trying not to want to remain a sketch when it comes to trials and suffering? This insight and wisdom of St Padre Pio is one I need to keep close as I go through this lifetime of experiences and the pain that comes with mortal living and loving. Thank you for this Nancy...

    1. Oh yes, it is terribly difficult. I think I am always wanting to remind Him that His pencil point is really rather sharp, and the application of paint will most likely burn, and hasn't He done enough work on me by now? And ouch - that eraser!!!

      Thank God for the mercy of that eraser. :)

    2. And of course "that eraser" gets rid of MY mistakes, for He does not make any. Oh, but I try to pull His pencil away so often, and grab it into my OWN hands.

    3. Love your analogy! I couldn't agree more...ouch... I have many eraser smudges for sure!! If we would just let him draw and paint!!!