Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Prayer in Sickness

'I must be on my guard, especially today, because I am becoming over sensitive to everything. Things I would not pay any attention to when I am healthy bother me today. O my Jesus, my shield and my strength, grant me Your grace that I may emerge victorious from these combats.' 

St. Faustina 

Painting: Giovanni Boccaccio Valentin


  1. Lovely!! ( I'm beginning to love St F more each time I hear about her...keep 'em coming!) I just
    hope you're not ill Nancy!

    Beautiful new header. I've been reading in my inbox; have not been here in a bit! It looks wonderful Nancy!!

    Happy birthday, again, my friend! I hope it was a wonderful May day enjoyed with family ( and chocolate cake!)

    "See" you soon!

    1. Thanks, Chris! I'm fine, but when I ran across this quote I wanted to share it for anyone who might not be. And goodness, do I ever identify with the part about everyday things bothering me when I'm less-than-fine!!!

      I really appreciate your comment about the header. That's particularly encouraging after (goodness, how many?!) weeks of changing from one to another to another. I thought I had it all settled when my (grown and with an Art degree) son saw the blog over my shoulder and commented that the header was "busy." So I removed one "person" from that header and lightened the frame, and I think I'm sticking with what it is right now. With this one, I sort of feel at "home" coming to the space.... and I think a person should feel that way on her own blog! So for better or for worse, even if busy :), here 'tis.

      Thank you again!

    2. Well, it's really eye catching----great job! And such a good point about feeling at home in your own space!! Speaking of which, I haven't even clicked to my own blog in two + could have disappeared off the Internet at this point...sheesh.....just to be sure pics, sidebars, etc are still in place....hmmm, happy you mentioned this.

      I've 2-3 posts in draft but the creativity/energy needed to finalize them in the time I'm carving out to get things done all around life/home/online just isn't there right now. Maybe this weekend/next week.

      Loving today's post by JPII. He's my hero as well! And I've never heard that quote. Pinning/saving to share plus read with my kids.

      Thanks Nancy...."See" you soon.....have a great day.


    3. I've checked your blog recently - you're still there :)!

  2. Oh this is a good prayer! The words she used are more real to me than some prayers. More tangible? Wishing you a great Friday!

    1. Yes - real and tangible are perfect words for it! Thanks, Patty.

  3. Such a good prayer for times when we are emotionally down, too; how many times have I let that attitude escape out when it is so much better to rest in Jesus.

    1. Me too, Deborah - I have all too often let the attitude escape out. Thanks!