Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Prayer Most Useful

'There is a certain manner of prayer most simple and very useful; 
it is to be habitually in the presence of God. 
And this sight of God will produce in us an intimate union with Him, 
a simple and perfect intention. Oh, how precious is this manner of prayer!' 

St. Francis de Sales

Painting: George William Joy, Bayswater Omnibus 1895


  1. This is so true and well written. I think appreciating, looking and being thankful for beauty in the world, wherever we find it throughout our days, is prayer and contemplation of our lovely Lord. Love that painting!! Wow..what colors and you can feel the daily humanity and a kind of intimacy. Thanks for posting...

    1. Thanks - I love that painting too, and have used it before for the very reasons you mention. :)